Mc Donald’s Coupon

McDonaldImagining a world without Mac fries or Big Mac is practically impossible these days given the immense popularity this food chain enjoys throughout the world. From a petty burger restaurant that was established way back in 1954 by Ray Kroc, Mc Donald has evolved as the global food service giant serving more than 68 million customers on any given day. There are as many as 33,000 restaurants under this banner spread across 119 countries. This fast food retailer employs nearly 1.7 million employees. This hamburger fast food chain has its official headquarters at Mc Donald’s Plaza located in Oak Brook in the state of Illinois. Most of their stand-alone restaurants provide both drive through and counter services with provisions for both outdoor and indoor sitting.

Products Offered By Mc Donald’s: This food chain mainly sells hamburgers, different types of sandwiches, French fried, breakfast foods, soft drinks and desserts. Mc Donald’s also offers different types of vegetarian meals and salads in many of its outlets while in many Asian countries, you can even order for soups here. This flexibility in its menu has made this restaurant chain even more popular amongst people of different countries and communities. For instance it has introduced changes in its original menu in Indian outlets because of the beef consumption prohibition in India while in countries like Indonesia; it has tried to incorporate their local favorite foods like rice into their menus. Therefore, the company is known for customizing its menus in various countries depending on the dietary preferences of the people residing there. It has now successfully expanded its menus to include wraps and smoothies, salads, fruits and even fish. You can choose from a variety of menus like Dollar Menu, Favorites Under 400 which includes foods with low calories, Extra Value Menu and Extra Value Meals, Happy Meals and Mighty Kids meals etc.

Reasons to eat at Mc Donald’s:

McDonald's_Royal_Pattaya_mealNutrition: This fast food chain has been making sincere efforts to make their meals more nutritious than ever before. Since their foods have become healthier than before, customers are also less skeptical about eating out. They feel better about what they eat and the change in menus has helped consumers make better and more informed choices. This hamburger chain has over the years made continuous changes in their menus to adapt to consumer needs and preferences. The idea is to offer them more delicious foods made from quality ingredients which they can eat without worrying about gaining calories.

Convenience: The best part about eating at Mc Donald’s is the convenience of their meals. The meals can are ready to eat and you can simply order and start eating within minutes. The customer service at Mc Donald’s outlets is exemplary and you feel at home when you are at any Mc Donald’s restaurant. The restaurants are clean and well maintained which makes eating here a pleasant experience every time.

Gift certificates: You can also buy the Arch Card for gifting your children, clients or employees. This is a great gift card for people who enjoy great tasting foods. It is a prepaid card allowing customers an easy and fast payment method at this fast food chain. You can use it for gifting to your loved ones on special occasions. You can also buy Gift Certificates which are sure to bring smiles on the faces of your loved ones, whether it is their holiday gifts or birthday gifts.

These are only some of the reason which may make Mc Donald’s a great place to experience quality times with your friends and family. The food and ambience are great and the customer service unparalleled.